Drapers Next Gen: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and take risks

In January 2017, Drapers announced its latest 30 Under 30 – the young people who are the future of the fashion industry.

The panel consisted of River Island ecommerce merchandising manager James Malysz; BTS Group’s director Pawan Sharma; Arcadia Group senior international retail operations co-ordinator Marjolein Wind; and Jack Wills business solutions manager Cloe Stone.

Next Gen

A panel of the winners shared shared the career rules that have made them a success.

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, especially if you can learn from them
  • Don’t pigeonhole yourself – get experience from everywhere in the business
  • Don’t be scared of taking risks. Move out of your comfort zone
  • Find a job that you like and prove that you can excel. Opportunities will arise from there
  • If you’re not learning anything, move on, but don’t just leave for the money
  • Education is important but experience will help you get to the next level
  • Always go above and beyond your job spec – do more than your role demands
  • People buy people: your personal brand is hugely important

Article reproduced from the Drapers website.